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Butt Butter Gold Edition

Butt Butter Gold Edition

C$45.00 Precio
C$35.00Precio de oferta

Butt Butter Gold Edition takes Butt Butter to a new level of potency, consistency and resiliency, with twice the potency and a redesigned texture. 

Butt Butter Gold Edition is our you-can-do-it-all product: use it as a hair gel, use it during foreplay/sex, use it as a skin cream, use it everywhere on your body!

Now comes in an 8 oz bottle, for 2x as much Butt Butter Gold Edition as before!

Try it today for C$35, which is only $27.41 in American Dollars.

  • Currency Conversion

    All prices are listed in CANADIAN DOLLARS, so if you're purchasing in American Dollars, your items are cheaper than you think.

    The conversion rate is 1 CAD = .74 USD, so you're paying roughly 3/4 of the dollar amount listed.

  • Price In American Dollars

    C$35 = ~$27.41 in American Dollars

  • How to Use Butt Butter

    Unscrew the cap. Gently squeeze the sides of the bottle and pour to disperse fluid. 


    BB may be used in the following ways:


    • Apply to your face to use as a facial moisturizer

    • Apply to your skin daily as a moisturizer

    • Apply to your hair in the shower to condition

    • Apply to damaged skin tissue or scarring to reduce/heal

    • Apply to genital areas before, during, and after sexual contact to increase arousal, increase blood flow, decrease pain sensations, and protect skin from damage during contact

  • Ingredients

    Main Ingredients:

    Purified BC mountain water

    Organic fractionated coconut oil

    Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract

    Aloe Vera gel

    Horny Goat Weed extract

    Vitamin E

    Avocado oil

    Blue Monkey oil

    Guava Extract

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